Transparent Generosity

Awakening in Life is offered through transparent generosity. This is a model that Vincent Horn created and you can read more about how this model came to be, and the inspiration behind it, on the Buddhist Geeks Meta guide. A few quick highlights of how this model works:

  • All offerings of Awakening in Life are offered by donation.

  • Donations are made through the Heart Mind Foundation, the non-profit foundation that is the home of Buddhist Geeks, and Awakening in Life is a part of the Buddhist Geeks ecosystem.

  • No amounts are specified or mandated for donations, the amount is totally up to the student.

  • However, the following amounts are offered in transparency to help inform students:

    • Suggested donation

    • Average donation

    • Range of donations given (lowest to highest)

  • Students are also encouraged to consider their own life situation as well when donating.

You can learn more about transparent generosity as well as instructions on how to manage donations on the Buddhist Geeks Meta guide:

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