Foundational Embodiment Meditation

The following embodiment meditation sets a foundation that permeates all practices in Awakening in Life.

This practice is guided by Ryan Oelke and is from Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process. The technical name of this practice is ‘Attuning to Fundamental Consciousness’, however it could be understood as simple, foundational embodiment meditation.

This meditation cultivates:

  • An experience of living in and as the body, as well as revealing where we tend to live or not live in our body, thereby informing our practice.

  • Experiencing nonduality of awareness and the body, emptiness and form, stillness and movement, thereby immediately cultivating a palpable experience and integration of awakening in life.

  • Attuning to fundamental wholeness.

  • A foundation for both practices of release and response, by allowing us to develop a more full experience of presence, our ability to sense what is arising in experience, to heal emotional wounds and trauma, and to feel more connected to the world and life, and thereby increasing our ability to be intimate and responsive to life.

There is an advanced version of this meditation that students can practice once familiar with this simple version:

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