Healing and Integration

Healing is a continuation of an appropriate response to life, and can happen more deeply in tandem with our realization and embodiment of timeless presence.

Awakening in Life includes bringing to light those parts of our being that were too difficult to hold in the past, individually and collectively, particularly emotional, relational, and traumatic experiences.

We bring compassion to bear on those past experiences because this fragmentation that occurred in the past is arising, ongoing in the present moment of our lives as continued suffering, limiting our joy, safety, embodiment, engagement, and responsiveness.

Through reclaiming ways in which we have felt fragmented, we integrate more of who we are, more of our innate and evolving capacities, and we experience more fullness in the present moment, both in our presence and response. Again, this is as true collectively as it is for us as individuals.

Awakening to timeless presence provides us more room and clarity to see our pain and how it shows up in the present moment. Presence allows us to experience a quality of our being that is unbroken, uninsurable, and whole. Through this wholeness and safety we have a greater possibility to heal that which is broken, injured, and fragmented within us.

In turn, healing allows us to more fully embody and integrate all that which we have awoken to in timeless presence and capacities we have cultivated in responding to life, and we continue to grow in what we are able know and embrace about others and life.

“The more we let go of the protective constrictions throughout our body, the more we open to and realize ourselves as the disentangled ground of fundamental consciousness.” - Judith Blackstone

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