Phases of Insight

From Heart of Insight, Vince Horn and Emily Horn

Awakening in Life makes frequent reference to a stage model of practice and insight from the Heart of Insight, called ‘The Phases of Insight’, created by Vince Horn and Emily Horn. Briefly, the Phases of Insight are:

1. Seeking 2. Effort 3. Breakthrough 4. Disillusionment 5. Equanimity 6. Completion

This model is incredibly practical and broadly useful to many practitioners, regardless of tradition and approach. The names alone likely provide a clear indication of what one might be experiencing and working with in practice within each phase.

In particularly, this model is useful because it reflects the cyclic (spiraling) nature of awakening, where we can repeat phases at multiple times in our life versus a linear stage of awakening where each stage is only passed once.

All students of Awakening in Life are highly encouraged to review in detail the Phases of Insight:

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