The Realization Process
Awakening in Life uses a number of meditation and practices from Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process. This guide includes a foundational embodiment meditation from the Realization Process, and many other practices are taught in group and private sessions, and can also be found in Judith’s audio album from Sounds True.
Practices from the Realization Process have a strong focus on embodiment, nondual realization, and emotional and relational healing including:
    Practicing in and through the body.
    Attuning to a fundamental dimension of pure, unconditioned, unbroken consciousness pervading ourselves and others, also referred to as the ground of experience.
    The simultaneous deepening of our own individuality, transcendent qualities, and connection with others and the world.
    Attuning to core awareness, emotions, and physical sensation, in which transient experiences arise.
    Cultivating a shift from fragmentation to wholeness, working with habitual patterns of emotional and relational constriction to free our presence, as well as a sense of being at home in oneself and in the world.
    Cultivating disentanglement and constriction of the breath and subtle energy to free our presence, movement, and engagement with life.
Practices used from the Realization Process include:
    Attunment to Fundamental Consciousness
    Core Breath
    Core Breath with Subtle Circuitry
    Attuning to Fundamental Qualities of Consciousness
    Direct Perception
    Foundational Grounding
    Releasing Holding Patterns (emotional constrictions)
    Disentangling from the Subtle Core
    Standing, Walking, and Moving in Fundamental Consciousness
    Social/relational attuning with the above practices
If you're looking for guided audio meditations for the Realization Process, please check out Judith's audio set from Sounds True.
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