Social Meditation

Awakening in Life uses social meditation practice in group training. The social meditation techniques are borrowed and inspired from The Heart of Insight, and teachers Vincent Horn, Emily Horn, and Kenneth Folk.

In particular, social noting is used with groups as it allows a more explicit and embodied experience of practicing together as a we. When we socially note out loud for example, “There is….” such as "There is anticipation...there is fear....there is curiosity..." we cultivate intimacy and presence within ourself, but as important, we also cultivate presence and connection with others who are engaged in the same practice as us. We are able to learn more from each other and together in practice, and we can have deeply meaningful and transformative experiences relationally that simply cannot occur in our individual practice alone.

And because Awakening in Life is an embodied, integrative, responsive path, we include cultivating presence relationally and socially. This helps us become aware of social and relationally conditioning, allowing us to work with that conditioning. We also cultivate a deeper sense of belonging and connection.

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