This preamble is a condensed, poetic expression of Awakening in Life. The rest of this guide explores and expands on the heart of this preamble with more practical exposition and detail:

Our awakening begins with ourselves, as we are, nakedly in this moment. But if our awakening is to be for more than ourselves, then we must embrace our life and the world threefold: as our opportunity to awaken, what we are awakening through, and what we are awakening for. The Bodhisattva ideal of serving others requires us to not just awaken to timeless wisdom, but also to embrace the kaleidoscope of our living embodiment in this life, an embodiment which includes ourselves, others, and the world, an awakening that includes everything.

Awakening in Life is a path of returning home to ourselves again and again, with radical curiosity, working with our living experience, both embodying and realizing timeless presence, and in real time, embodying all of who we have been and who we are becoming: bringing to light those parts of our being that were to difficult to hold in the past, and welcoming our individual and collective unfolding, embracing and penetrating the mystery of this life as we and it change, to make sense of it all as best we can for the purpose of a most appropriate response, moment to moment.

Awakening in Life is showing up more fully like this, more capable of responding to the complexity and challenges of our lives and of the world, and to remember and root ourselves in that which is most good, beautiful, and true.

Commentary on the Preamble

This is a more free form commentary on the above preamble, taking it line by line and expanding on it.

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