Resting in Awareness

The following is a meditation for resting in awareness through noticing in three areas of experience: visual objects, sounds, thoughts and feelings. Possible results of this practice include:

  • Directly experiencing awareness itself

    • Differentiated from what is perceived in awareness

    • Implicitly revealing that awareness and what arises in awareness are not separate

  • Cultivating the ability to be present in awareness, even in the midst of phenomena moving in awareness.

  • An embrace of whatever is arising in experience

    • Which is a foundation to seeing all of experience as meaningful to work with, to be curious about, that we do not need to seek special conditions to practice: we practice with what is arising right now

  • Opening the possibility for resting in presence.

In many ways this is a beginning practice of awareness and presence and there are practices of subtly and refinement that can deepen one's experience and embodiment.

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