Trust and Hope

If healing and integration is about the past, and how the past shows up in the present, trust and hope is about the future of this unfolding life we share and inhabit.

Awakening in Life necessarily includes responding to suffering. But this life is more than suffering, and remembering and practicing gratitude for what is good in this world, both now, in the past, and what is possible in the future is also necessary.

Gratitude, trust, and hope allows us to be more fully present, more compassionate, and more joyful right now, and provides us much needed energy to more fully respond to the challenges of life.

Questions we can continually work with and ask are:

  • In the midst of complexity and challenges, what do we come back to?

  • Where or to what can we root ourselves in this moment?

A few responses to consider:

We can root ourselves in presence, and return over and over to presence and access qualities of ease, spaciousness, and wholeness.

We can root and return to that which we find to be deeply good in the world, what is beautiful and inspiring to us, and what we find to be true right now.

We can root in our collective, shared wisdom and love.

All of this is subject to change, development, and responsiveness, but in any moment, we can come back to our responses to these questions, individually and together, as a place to rest, and as a compass for finding our way in this world.

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